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Walter Miller Walter D. Miller, LCSW

Private Practice in Inner Humanism Psychotherapy for Children,
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If you are you experiencing personal, relationship or parenting struggles, if your children are having trouble in areas such as sleep, temper regulation, school and peer relationships, if you are struggling with feelings about your own identity as a woman, a man, in your sexual expression or sexual orientation, if you or a family member are facing long-term chronic or life threatening illness, I can offer help with the psychological stress of these concerns. You may even find that your life is really quite good but you seem to be unable to enjoy it, even occasionally doing things to create unhappiness in your life. I have over twenty- five years experience using inner humanism to help children, teens and adults with problems such as these.

Each of our lives is complex and there are some aspects of our lives over which we have little or no control. However, if we are in charge of ourselves and our feelings about ourselves we can go a very long way toward creating our own happiness and responding constructively both to opportunities and problems as they arise. Therapy, using the ideals of Inner Humanism, may be of help as you seek a happier and more successful life.

As we get to know each other we can begin to work to help you sort out which of the myriad ideas and motives that occur to you are actually trustworthy and reliable and which are not. As you make these distinctions it can be much easier to take charge of your own life and to make better decisions, not decisions that you come to regret. The better you become at making good decisions the more pleasure is possible for you and the easier it can be to alter old self-defeating patterns. If you are a parent, treatment with inner humanism may help you to love and guide your child to lead a more effective happy life and treatment for your child can support her or his own motive to succeed and be happy. You might wonder when you should seek help for yourself, your romantic relationship or your children. In general it is best to seek help when you have tried hard to find happiness and success and you recognize that something may be going on inside you that impedes your goal. If you find yourself unable to create the life you want for yourself or your children, therapy can be a helpful choice. As humans we are born to work together to achieve our goals. It would be a privilege to work with you as you seek to reconnect with the optimism that you brought with you at birth.

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For information, a Complimentary Phone Consultation, or to Schedule an Appointment, Contact Mr. Miller’s Office at 312.856.0230